London Booth

Do you want to make a change in your exterior design? We offer you a wide range of personalized projects based on the famous London telephone cabin. With its luxurious aspect, the booth brings charm and glamour to any place or garden.

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Creative Cabins

The booths can be suited to become perfect:

Bottle shelve support

To good eating belongs good drinking

English Elegance

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A book's favorite home

English Elegance

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Charging station

No battery? No problem !

English Elegance

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Smoking space

For a clean smoke

English Elegance

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Creative idea

What's your idea?

English Elegance

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1. Connect

Discussing the project

2. Design

Choosing the perfect design and features

3. Development

Asssembling the booth

4. Ready for delivery

Client invitation to see the project



We gracefully handle creative ideas

With a team of ingenious and experienced architects designing the London Booths and other English inspired products, you can expect nothing else but the most fine crafted items your friends and customers have ever seen.

  • It gave our place a new look !

    Embassy restaurant


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